Boasting more than five decades of history in California's San Joaquin Valley, Benefit Administration Corporation (BAC) has always been a forward looking organization. Today BAC employs state of the art equipment when administering health programs, pension funds, vacation, and miscellaneous union trust funds, cafeteria plans, and retirement plans for corporations and government agencies thoughout the Southwestern United States. We design and manage benefit programs tailored to individual needs, including record keeping, claim payment, benefit administration, government reporting, financial statement preparation, and specialized auditing.

BAC provides professional services for a fee. We do not sell any products or take commissions. We have no conflict of interest in serving our clients and can work with any broker or consultant the client desires.

In spite of the challenges presented by the changing employee benefits environment, we believe our firm is up to the task. BAC is one of the oldest companies in this business. The longevity provides us with the experience to keep pace with the changing industry.