Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution and 401(k) Pension Plans

  • Issuance of monthly or lump sum pension benefit payments, by check or electronic deposit
  • Annual data for pension plan actuary
  • Maintain pension history and calculate benefits
  • Process pension applications
  • Issue 1099R forms

Health & Welfare Plans

  • Hours bank eligibility maintenance
  • HIPAA and COBRA administration
  • Monthly statistics to consultants
  • Premium accounts for insured plans

Apprentice Training, Dues, Labor/Management Trust and Vacation Funds

  • Collect employer contributions and remit to appropriate accounts

General Trust Funds Administration

  • Prepare IRS Forms 5500 and assist with other compliance requirements
  • Preparation for Trust meetings including meeting arrangements, agenda, minutes and financial reports
  • Complete trust fund accounting services including monthly or quarterly financial statements, receivables and payables
  • Process employer remittances including delinquency procedures
  • Toll-free 800 telephone number

For more information about Taft-Hartley Plans, email unionplans@benefitadministration.com.